Kingsdown School, Special Needs School

Kingsdown School is a Community Special School for children with special needs, aged 3 to 14 years. The special needs of our pupils include varying degrees of learning difficulties from severe learning difficulties (SLD) to profound and multiple learning difficulties (PMLD) as well as physical disabilities. Some of our pupils have communication difficulties.

Kingsdown School provides a secure, happy, caring and respectful environment where a differentiated curriculum is delivered to ensure the needs of every pupil are met. The school works in close partnership with parents and carers as well as with the different services required by our pupils' needs.

Kingsdown School's current published admission number is 92. The majority of pupils at Kingsdown must have a Statement of Educational Needs. There are occasions when it is agreed that a child has an assessment placement. It is the Local Authority's decision to place a child at Kingsdown School.

Adapted learning in a rich, vibrant and fun curriculum

The wide range of needs of Kingsdown School's pupils is reflected in a diverse and broad curriculum aimed at encouraging all pupils to experience a wide range of educational activities using all their senses.

Celebrating our pupils’ achievements in partnership with their parents and carers is an essential part of our school ethos.

Taking care of our Pupils' Future

Providing every pupil with the skills, knowledge and experiences which will enable them to participate in the community and become a confident and valued member of society is the aim of Kingsdown School.